How much does a Breast Augmentation cost?

how much are breast implant surgery

The average cost of your breast augmentation in Chicago will start at $6,995 to $8,995 or more depending on your surgeon’s experience, the physical location of your surgery, facility fee, anesthesia, and the type of implant your surgeon recommends.

We provide several financing options for those that are interested in a deferred payment plan. Because breast enhancement surgery is considered an elective procedure, most insurance companies will not cover the procedure.

Breast augmentation surgery costs would include:

When you are considering a breast augmentation, it’s important to also do your research on your surgeon’s experience with performing breast enhancement surgery.  For instance, some surgeons may offer breast surgery but perform more facial procedures. Additionally, if there is a big difference in cost or it seems too good to be true, it probably is. Most surgeons in the same area will be within a close range of each other if they have the proper training and results. A good way to determine whether your surgeon is experienced in the procedure is to view the surgeon’s portfolio of Before & After photos and past patient reviews.