Scarring is a common concern for many patients after their breast augmentation surgery. Not to worry! With an experienced surgeon and knowing how to care for your breast augmentation incisions correctly, scarring will be minimal and you will heal in no time. Here is your complete guide to caring for your breast implant incisions.

Keep Incisions Clean and Dry

Keeping your incision sites clean will reduce the risk of infection. Gently clean the area with mild soap and water or a cleanser recommended by your surgeon. Pat the incisions dry with a clean towel or let them air dry. After surgery, typically for a few weeks, avoid submerging your incisions in baths, hot tubs, pools, or the ocean. Showers are permitted, but it’s important to follow your specific post-op instructions.

Apply Steri-Strips to your Breast Augmentation Incisions

Steri-Strips are thin adhesive strips that will not only keep you incisions clean, but will protect your scars from rising and reduce sun-exposure. For the first four weeks after you surgery, steri-strips should be the only treatment applied to help minimize scarring.

How to Apply Steri-Strips Video

Protect your Incisions from Sun-Exposure

Prepare your precautions for bikini season! Exposure to direct sunlight can darken and worsen the appearance of scars. Protect your incisions from sun exposure by covering them with steri-strips, clothing, and one of our broad-spectrum sunscreens (SPF 30 or higher) once they have healed and your surgeon approves.

Avoid Strenuous Activity

Be mindful of physical activities! Avoid activities that can strain or put pressure on your incisions, especially in the early stages of recovery. Follow your post-op guidelines regarding limitations on lifting, exercise, and strenuous activities.

Try Scar Healing Creams

For your beginning healing stages, steri-strips will be your best friend! Steri-strips protect you from dirt, infection, sun damage, and scar rising. After your initial healing stages, you can talk to your Chicago Breast and Body Aesthetics surgeon about certain products that promote healing and minimize scarring. These may include antibiotic ointments, silicone gels or sheets, or our specialized creams. To learn more about the breast augmentation recovery process, read more on our blog!

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Absolutely Amazing

May 1, 2020

I don’t even know where to begin with how absolutely amazing Dr.T and his staff are. I had a breast augmentation on March 5 2020, and just everything from the start has been smooth and effortless. I never felt like just another number, I was taken care of every step of the way. He is warm kind honest and will point you in the right direction, and it’s so awesome to have my own nurse anytime I need to get ahold of to answer questions. He is a true artist and I am so happy with the outcome, look, feel everything im obessed. It was an honor to have work done by him, if you are interested in any type of cosmetic procedures don’t look any further.

kookla01 R

I Love my Experience

March 4, 2020

My experience with Dr T was amazing!!! Though I seen him in Florida, I am glad I did! It was Back in 2013 for Breast Augmentation! I can Not Complain! Omg its going on 7 years this 3/21, and I must Say I STILL LOVE MY BREAST!!!!

Misudi1969 R

Dr. Truong has given me life-changing results

February 5, 2020

Dr. Truong has given me life-changing results. He did a wonderful job on my Lipo360 and my confidence has sky-rocketed since. I see muscle tone in my abdomen at the gym now; I knew it was hiding under there! Great bedside manner and a very talented surgeon.

rosiers R

I Couldn’t Be Happier with my Results and Couldn’t Have Selected a Better Plastic Surgeon!

November 4, 2018

I recently had a tummy tuck procedure which was performed by Dr. T only about 3 weeks ago. I feel & look great! I can’t express how ecstatic I truly am! I’m in my 30’s with no kids, struggling with weight since I was a teenager. My weight fluctuating over the years caused me to have a pouch (very unattractive). I’m still on the plus size but a hanging belly made me look even heavier and impacted my self-esteem. Before I went to Dr. T for a consult. I reached out to several of the popular Instagram doctors aboard. I watched countless videos of other girls who shared their experiences having surgeries in other countries. I received several cheap quotes compared to the prices in Chicago and other U.S cities. But I just couldn’t risk traveling aboard and jeopardizing my health to save money. I’m writing a long review because prior to my surgery and even before my consultation. I searched endlessly, for honest reviews from other patients who had gotten a tummy tuck and were in the same predicament as myself. It’s only been 3 weeks but my body has transformed and my self-confidence has increased. I’m looking forward to the final results which do take several months.

The recovery has been really easy! Please don’t be disheartened by the scary and painful experiences shared on social media and YouTube. I understand everyone’s body is not the same and each of us will have a different experience with our recovery. With that being sad, having an experienced, board certified, and a gifted plastic surgeon makes all the difference. Honestly, hardest part of the recovery was not being able to drive for the first 2 weeks. Driving restrictions will be given by all plastic surgeons who perform tummy tucks. I was hesitant because it was my surgery and also because of the cost, but Dr. T’s prices are fair, affordable and competitive in the Chicago market. I was not pressured into getting the surgery, my questions were thoroughly answered with kindness and patience by Dr. T, and his wonderful assistant Monika. I asked countless redundant questions and spent a great deal of time with both of them before finalizing my decision. The entire staff is so professional, nonjudgmental, genuinely kind and caring.

Final thoughts, it might be cheaper to travel aboard but it’s not worth the risk. I made decision to undergo my surgery ever with Dr. T, not only because of his merits, academic accomplishments and amazing procedure results and also his swag, but because of his of aura. It’s hard to explain but you will sense it when you meet him, he’s honest, patient, kind and most importantly he’s ethical. He doesn’t recommend unnecessary procedures or enforces changes he wants to see on you. He will help and guide you in achieving the body you have envisioned for yourself. My only regret is not getting a tummy tuck sooner with him. It’s embarrassing but I’m sharing my pictures because I had desperately searched for body types like my own, who had gotten the procedure and wanted to see their results. I hope my very long review helps anyone considering tummy tuck. If you’re in Chicago meet Dr. T if you’re interested in the tummy tuck, it’ll be totally worth it! Always read others review on Realself, never thought I’d be writing one too! 🙂


Loving my BBL Results! 2 months Post Op

September 3, 2018

I did a LOT of research to find the perfect surgeon who could deliver natural, yet superior results. I wanted a BBL that didn’t look like I had an obvious surgery done, but that would improve my figure and give me that beautiful hourglass shape along with lifting and filling out my sagging behind. I knew from my first consultation with Dr.Truong & by the looks of his portfolio, that he would be the one to do my surgery! I brought along photos of what I personally wanted to achieve and he told me exactly what he would need to do to achieve those results. I gladly traveled from out of state to have my BBL surgery by Dr. Truong and it was the best decision I’ve ever made!! Everyone at his office and the morning of my surgery were so nice and accommodating. I can not recommend him enough and I think my before and after photos speak volumes! He clearly is highly skilled in lipo sculpting and fat transfer! If you have been thinking about this procedure and are on the fence, you just need to do it! You will be in great hands with Dr. Truong & his staff. Your confidence will undoubtably be boosted after this procedure; Mine sure was, and I’m absolutely thrilled with my results!

That R