What is a Mommy Makeover?

What Is A “Mommy Makeover?“ A mommy makeover is a term that describes a combination of cosmetic procedures intended to address and improve the changes to a woman’s body contour following aging, childbirth or weight loss. Most commonly, this women who choose to undergo a mommy makeover undergo a tummy tuck combined with a breast…

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What is Smart Lipo?

what is smart lipo

Given that Smartlipo™, a cutting-edge procedure in the realm of cosmetic surgery in Chicago, it’s natural for patients to have questions about what the procedure can do for them. At Chicago Breast & Body Aesthetics, a premier clinic for Smartlipo™ in Chicago, award-winning cosmetic surgeon Dr. Anh-Tuan Truong will take the time to address any…

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Cellulite Treatment by Aveli™

Aveli Cellulite Treatment at Chicago Breast and Body Aesthetics

To determine your eligibility for our exclusive one-day Cellulite Treatment by Avéli advanced training session on Friday, March 15th, 2024, please complete the questionnaire and submit your photos following the provided example below. This unique opportunity includes a one-time 40% discount off the regular price, and the treatment will be administered by Dr. Kevin Lin,…

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How to Care for Breast Augmentation Incisions: The #1 Way


Scarring is a common concern for many patients after their breast augmentation surgery. Not to worry! With an experienced surgeon and knowing how to care for your breast augmentation incisions correctly, scarring will be minimal and you will heal in no time. Here is your complete guide to caring for your breast implant incisions. Keep…

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Arm Liposuction Before After Photos

ArmSculpt™ or arm liposuction is a specialized liposculpting procedure that removes fat from the upper arms – fat that is resistant to diet and exercise. We utilize laser liposuction and Renuvion Jplasma tightening technology, experience, and technique to achieve toned and sculpted upper arms – these results are much better than traditional liposuction methods. ArmSculpt™…

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How Long Do Breast Implants Last?

Do breast implants last? Silicone Mentor® MemoryGel breast implants do not have an “expiration” date or specific time frame for replacement. However, some women may choose to have their implants changed every 10-15 years for various reasons such as size preferences, body changes, or advancements in breast implant technology. What are the risks of having…

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JP Drain Care and Removal

Tummy Tuck JP Drain Instructions Adhering to the recommended tummy tuck aftercare guidelines is essential for achieving the best results from your surgery. If you’re feeling anxious about the post-op care for your recent abdominoplasty procedure, Dr. Truong is here to help! In this video, Dr. Truong will explain the importance of using the JP…

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Dr. Anh-Tuan Truong’s Professional Awards

dr anh tuan truong chicago breast and body

Compassionate Doctor Recognition (2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015) Compassionate Doctor certification is granted to physicians who treat their patients with the utmost kindness. The honor is granted based on a physician’s overall and bedside manner scores. Patients’ Choice Award (2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015) Patients’ Choice recognition reflects the difference a particular physician has made in the…

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Breast Reduction Cost

breast reduction cost image

A breast reduction procedure is a reconstructive procedure that aims to remove excess breast tissue and skin to obtain a breast size proportional to your physique, and also relieve neck, shoulder, and back pain associated with having very large breasts. What is the cost of breast reduction? The exact breast reduction cost cannot be established…

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Dr. Truong’s Professional Awards

Dr. Truong has received numerous awards due to his outstanding reputation and reviews, surgical expertise and artistry in the field of cosmetic surgery. Here are some of the awards he has earned. Compassionate Doctor Recognition (2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015) Compassionate Doctor certification is granted to physicians who treat their patients with the utmost kindness. The…

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Cosmetic Surgery vs Plastic Surgery – Is there a difference?

Plastic Surgeon or Cosmetic Surgeon—What’s the Difference anyway? You’re not alone if you’re confused between what the difference between a Plastic Surgeon and a Cosmetic Surgeon or between Cosmetic Surgery vs Plastic Surgery. Often, cosmetic surgery vs plastic surgery are used interchangeably, especially by plastic surgeons who choose to focus their practices on cosmetic surgery.…

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The 8 “Weird” Health Benefits of Neuromodulators

health benefits of neuromodulators

1) Pain During Sex Sex can be uncomfortable or even painful for some women because of connective tissue issues and overly tense pelvic floor muscles. Dr. Deborah Coady states, “When abnormally short or tense muscles cause painful sex, placing neuromodulators into these particular muscles … allows them to normalize in length and tone. By doing…

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Was Farrah Abraham Lip Injection Really The Worst Of All Time?

Farrah Abraham lip injection surgery did make her look cartoonish–specifically like Leela off of Futurama: Gotta love my new look pic.twitter.com — Farrah Abraham (@F1abraham) January 6, 2015 Was it the worst of all time? We took a look around the web to see if we could find anyone else that could rival her engorged…

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The TRUTH About Our $5,000 Sweepstakes

Want to know the truth about our New Years Sweepstakes? There’s an underutilized secret that 90% of the people who signed up, have failed to realize. This simple action could increase your chances of winning exponentially! Imagine your chances increasing from one in 1,000, to one in 10… Imagine winning. Imagine being transformed in 2015 by one of Chicago’s most skilled and…

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