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Top rhinoplasty and nose reshaping plastic surgeon Dr. Francine Vagotis in Chicago can restore your facial harmony and give you a beautifully balanced nose profile.

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Dr. Francine Vagotis, MD, FACS

Why Choose Dr. Francine Vagotis for Your Rhinoplasty?

Dr. Francine Vagotis is a board-certified plastic surgeon at Chicago Breast & Body Aesthetics. Dr. Vagotis has over 20 years of experience in the field of cosmetic surgery.

Dr. Vagotis is a leader in facial rejuvenation procedures including face lifts, neck lifts and nose reshaping. Dr. Vagotis is certified by  American Board of Plastic Surgery.

Rhinoplasty is commonly referred to as a “nose job” and can address both the aesthetic and the functional aspect of the nose. Today it is a very popular option for people who have difficulty breathing, have been in an accident, or are not happy with the look and shape of their nose.

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Why consider Rhinoplasty?

Apart from the popular cosmetic change, it is also largely performed for reconstructing the interior form which might be hindering the breathing. This can be caused by congenital defects, blunt trauma to the face, or sinus conditions.


Who is a good candidate for Rhinoplasty?

This procedure is suitable for mostly everyone and Dr. John Rachel will help you decide if it is right for you. Some important factors that doctors consider when evaluating you are:

  • You live a healthy lifestyle
  • Non-Smokers: It is preferred that you are a non smoker or do not use nicotine. Smoking can interfere with your healing process.

What should I expect with Rhinoplasty?

You should be aware that with Rhinoplasty you can expect to see changes to your overall face not just your nose. Sometimes patients are mentally not ready for such a change. That is why it is so important to talk with your surgeon to determine if this procedure is right for you. You should have a clear understanding of the procedure and what your expectations are.

Dr.  Vagotis will tell you in detail what the aesthetic changes to your nose and face will be and help you decide what path to take. With his expertise, you will have the confidence to go forward with the procedure you have chosen.


What does the surgery entail?

Depending on the changes to your nose, the surgery can differ at length. The first step is to decide whether your procedure will need general anesthesia or sedation. The next step of the procedure is the initial incision.

Depending on your procedure and case, Dr. Vagoitis will decide which incision he should perform. The incisions created inside your nose is called a Closed Rhinoplasty. If the incision is done along the skin between nostrils it is called Open Rhinoplasty.

Both options have their own advantages and disadvantages. You will get to discuss and review the best option for your case during the normal consultation visit. Once the incision is made, the next step is to reshape the nose structure.

This feat is achieved by reducing/removing portions of the bone or cartilage within your nose. If the patient has an issue with a deviated septum it is on this step of the procedure that the doctor straightens the septum to ease the breathing. Once all the changes are done the doctor closes the incision and a temporary splint is added for faster recovery.


What is the recovery like?

Swelling and bruising are the most common side effects after the surgery but they will subside as you recover. You will need to wear a splint and bandages for as long as your doctor recommends.

You will also need plenty of rest. The actual structure of the nose won’t be fully defined till around one year, although most people will look better at 3 weeks after surgery.


How much does nose surgery cost?

A rhinoplasty will cost between $7,000 to $12,000 in Chicago, Illinois. The cost is based on your surgeon’s experience, the location and your specific case. Not all nose surgeries are the same and the procedure is highly individualized to each patient.

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