C-Section Scar Removal & Reduction


C-Section Scars Can Be Removed, Moved, or Reduced With A Mini Tuck

"If you’ve had a C-section, there is finally something you can do about the scar. Often a mini tummy tuck works to remove the scar and loose skin with little down time and no drains."

C-section scar removal and revision is a procedure that removes or minimizes scarring due to a C-section. This can be accomplished with a mini tummy tuck or Mommy Makeover surgery, and there are also lasers that can be used to minimize scarring.

Laser Acne Scar Removal - Dr. Truong

Why Choose Dr. Truong?

Voted one of America’s top surgeons in the field of Cosmetic Surgery by Consumer’s Research Council of America.

Men and women from all over the country come to Chicago to see Dr. Truong. His amazing results earned him the reputation as the “breast & body specialist,” that’s why he named his Chicago center, Chicago Breast & Body Aesthetics.

Dr. Truong is a board certified cosmetic surgeon with a long list of academic awards and professional accolades.

Dr. completed medical school at University of Colorado School of Medicine where he was encouraged to pursue a surgical career by his professors who saw in him the rare combination of intellect and talented hands that are the hallmarks of an excellent surgeon.

Dr. Truong served as Chief Resident at Illinois Masonic Medical Center, Lutheran General Hospital, Mercy Medical Center, and St. Francis Hospital. During his surgical training, Dr. Truong received numerous awards and was published for his research work in skin regeneration and artificial skin.

Dr. Truong pursued his interests in aesthetic surgery by gaining acceptance to a highly competitive American Academy Cosmetic Surgery Fellowship. During his fellowship, Dr. Truong dedicated an entire year exclusively to the art and practice of Cosmetic Surgery. His training included facial rejuvenation techniques, breast and body restorative surgeries, liposuction and body sculpting, as well as minimally invasive aesthetic surgery, and laser surgery.


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Before & After Gallery
C-Section Scar Removal Results

Dr. Truong's before & after gallery is second to none, with years of experience, 100s of surgeries, and zero serious complications, it's no wonder he's known as the "Breast & Body Specialist."

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