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A hip augmentation or hip widening surgery is a procedure designed to enhance and improve the size and shape of your hips and waistline. This procedure may also be done to correct an imbalance between the size of the hips and the waist. Hips can be enhanced naturally by using your own fat via a fat transfer procedure (or fat injections).
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What is Hip Augmentation Surgery?

Hip Augmentation is a procedure designed to improve the contour and shape of your hips.   Hips can be enhanced without implants with a fat transfer procedure, using your own fat.

Good candidates for hip augmentation are healthy patients with little or no underlying medical conditions who desire fuller hips.  Hip augmentation patients should also be at or near ideal body weight and non-obese.  If a patient is underweight or very thin, implants may be necessary.  Finally, patients should have realistic expectations and be willing to follow post-op instructions carefully to achieve the best results.

Hip augmentation surgery can be done as a stand-alone procedure or in conjunction with Lipo 360 & Brazilian Butt Lift and Arm Liposuction to achieve a more comprehensive transformation. Your surgeon at Chicago Breast & Body can help you determine which procedures are best suited to your needs.

Hip widening surgery before after photo by Chicago Breast and Body
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The 2 to 1 "Golden Snatch" Hip Ratio

The Golden snatch ratio is 2 to 1 hip-to-waist ratio.  It is a term coined by Dr. Anh-Tuan Truong which means after a Lipo360 & BBL with hip augmentation, a patient’s hip measurement is twice that of her waist.  For example, a person with 44-inch hips would have a 22-inch waist to achieve the “Golden Snatch” hip to waist ratio.  The Golden ratio is ideal for some patients but is not achievable in all patients and can vary depending on body type, body weight, skin and muscle quality.

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Hip Augmentation Surgery Before & After Photos

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The Ideal 2-to-1 "Golden Snatch" Hip Ratio

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How is hip Widening Surgery performed?

Hip Augmentation is usually done under general anesthesia.  With a fat transfer, fat is liposuctioned from other areas like the stomach and waist and then re-injected into the hip area to enlarge and widen the hips.  If a silicone implant is used, an incision will have to be made to insert the implant.

Hip augmentation surgery before and after

What is the difference between a fat transfer to the hips vs. hip implants?

A hip augmentation uses your own fat instead of an implant. Hip augmentation is more commonly performed with autologous fat, which is your own fat.  In general, fat is preferred because it is safer, less prone to infection, and gives a more natural result in look and feel.  However fat can be unpredictable and in some patients can reabsorb which can shrink over time.  Implants do not shrink but tend to feel harder and can look less natural, especially if they migrate over time.  Implants can also require a bigger scar to insert and can  also get infected easier which may require drainage and removal with more scarring.

What is Hip Augmentation Surgery?

Is Hip Augmentation surgery safe?

Hip augmentation, like other body sculpting cosmetic procedures, is generally safe when done correctly and by a properly trained surgeon.  Make sure your surgeon is not only board-certified in Plastic or Cosmetic Surgery, but also well trained in properly performing the procedure.  If done correctly in the right facility and by properly trained personnel, procedures like hip augmentation and fat transfers are safe with rare complications. Implants in hip augmentation can carry higher risks so you should discuss with your surgeon what the best option is for you.

Is hip augmentation surgery safe?

What is the recovery for hip augmentation surgery?

You can expect to take about a week off of work. Most patients can return to work in about a week and resume normal exercise and activity within 4 to 6 weeks.

Following your hip augmentation, you can expect to be sore and swollen for one to two weeks.  Even when done in conjunction with other procedures like a Brazilian Butt Lift, most patients are up and walking by the following day.  You may be asked to avoid sleeping on your back or sides to avoid putting pressure directly on the area.  Drains are rarely used.

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Is hip augmentation surgery permanent?

Hip augmentation is a permanent surgical procedure.  If a fat transfer is done, then the results can tend to change over time with some fat be re-absorbed, but usually most or at least some will remain.  Implants are permanent until they are removed.

Hip surgery recovery

How much does hip augmentation surgery cost?

The cost of hip augmentation can vary depending on whether it is performed as a stand-alone procedure or in conjunction with other procedures like Lipo360 & Brazilian Butt Lift.  Cost may also be higher if implants are used.  In general hip augmentation costs

You will receive an all-Inclusive quote following your consultation. The quote will include the surgeon’s fee, anesthesia, OR facility fee, medications, post-operative garments, and lab tests if needed. If all-inclusive pricing is quoted, then most of these costs will be covered including follow-up visits.

We offer financing options for those that qualify. Please see our specials page which will display monthly special offers and discounts.


hip fat transfer surgery before and after - Chicago breast and body

Hip Augmentation Before & After Photos

Seeing is believing, and our before & after gallery is second to none, with thousands of surgeries, and zero serious complications, it’s no wonder our Chicago Breast & Body surgeons are among the best hip augmentation surgeons in Chicago, Illinois.

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