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Repair Torn or Stretched Earlobes with a Reconstruction Surgery

"...My ears healed ahead of schedule and look amazing. No one even believes me when I tell them I used to have 25mm holes in my ears. Best decision ever!"

Stretched earlobes due to gauges or torn earlobes from injury can be solved with a simple in-office procedure by a trained cosmetic surgeon who specializes in plastic surgery procedures.

What are the benefits of earlobe correction surgery?

If you have stretched earlobes from gauges, we can repair them with a simple 45 minute procedure and restore your natural earlobe with minimal scarring!

  1. Earlobe repair restores your ear’s normal contour and natural appearance to damaged earlobe.
  2. Wear earrings again! Stretched earlobes may prevent you from being able to wear your favorite earrings, but with earlobe repair surgery you can enjoy wearing earrings again.
  3.  Get your confidence back. Stretched or damaged earlobes may have a negative impact on a person’s self-esteem or in extreme cases  Addressing 

The procedure is gaining popularity as the population that was into the gauge style is aging and want a more professional look. If you have been wearing large earrings that have left your lobes sagging, or your earlobes have been torn or damaged, earlobe repair surgery is a safe and simple solution.

Once your ears have healed following ear reconstructive surgery, the scars are barely noticeable! This is the reason 97% of people who have undergone this procedure feel that it is worth it and have no regrets.

People wear earrings to improve their looks. Damaged or sagging earlobes might impact your self image negatively. In addition, if your earlobes are damaged you cannot wear “normal looking” earrings. This is not just another cosmetic surgery procedure out to alter your looks, this is a quick and easy procedure to restore ears normal appearance.

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Rated 5 out of 5
November 26, 2019

I had a wonderful experience with Dr. Troung and his practice coordinator Monika Imsirovic. They were professional, organized, efficient, and I received nothing but top notch service from start to finish. I had a great deal of confidence in Dr. T to successfully handle my bilateral earlobe repair. Dr. T is triple board certified so I knew I was in good hands. I’m healing now with little to no scar tissue. Would highly recommend this practice.

Annie P yelp
Rated 5 out of 5
November 26, 2019

If you are considering any cosmetic surgery, don’t look any further, book your consultation with doctor Truong – and let me tell you several reasons why. When I was 15, I made the immature decision to gauge my ears. I naturally have large prominent ears and the gauges only enhanced them, so it was time to get them fixed. I did my research and found that many doctors offer a surgery that simply sews the gauge shut, but leaves behind a large ugly scar and doesn’t change the size of the ear. That was when I found Dr. Truong who was the ONLY surgeon that completely removed any trace of the gauge to create an attractive earlobe to make the ears appear brand new! When I called The office to book my appointment his staff was extremely kind and friendly and when I went in for the appointment I was greeted by all smiles. I sat down for 30 seconds before his assistant called my name to go to the exam room. I’m 25 and used to having to wait at any appointment, but instead I was treated like a Kardashian. His assistant briefly went through the initial exam and then went to get Dr. Truong. Minutes later, he walked in to the room and within seconds I felt confident about moving forward with the surgery. I sat down with, Monika, the practice manager who was very pleasant, upfront about the price, and didn’t make me feel pressured. During my procedure Dr. Truong and his assistant, Maria, were fun to talk to and made me feel comfortable. After my procedure my ears looked flawless! During the healing process I slept on my left ear which caused the edge of the incision to loosen. I went in for my follow-up and let Dr. Truong know that the area bothered me and he booked me appointment to fix it without charging me a dime! The price of my procedure included all follow up appointments and modifications. I couldn’t be more satisfied with my experience and the outcome, Dr. Truong’s work is IMPECCABLE!


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Earlobe repair surgery

Everything You Need To Know About Earlobe Repair Procedure

What is earlobe repair surgery?

Earlobe repair is a form of cosmetic surgery designed to repair damaged earlobes. The procedure is performed to repair torn, overstretched or sagging earlobes from either from wearing large earrings and ear gauges, or damaged from some form of trauma.

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What are some common reasons for getting earlobe repair surgery?

Earlobe repair is usually done to correct stretched earlobes from heavy earrings or gauges.  In many cases, patients will opt to have ear-gauge holes closed when they decide to join the military, police, or start jobs where it is physically limiting, distracting, or not socially appropriate for their profession or job.

How are stretched earlobes from gauges repaired?

There are several different techniques used to repair stretched earlobes.  If the defect is small (less than 1cm) The can be de-epithelialized and closed, leaving a small scar on the earlobe.  For larger defects or if no scar is desired on the earlobe, a wedge excision technique can be used.  With the wedge technique, the entire area of the earlobe which is stretched is completely removed and the remaining earlobe is re-attached, leaving a hidden scar where the earlobe meets the cheek. 

How are stretched earlobes from gauges repaired?

Depending on the surgical technique used, earlobe repair can take 30min to 1 hour. Earlobe repair can be done under local anesthetic and you do not have to go to sleep to have it done.

Is earlobes from gauges repaired?

When local anesthetic is used you should not feel any pain. You may have some soreness after the anesthetic wears off, but the pain is usually mild and easily controlled with over-the-counter pain medication like Tylenol.

Is there bad scarring after earlobe repair?

Scarring depends on the technique used. With simple closure, a small scar will be visible on the earlobe. With wedge resection and reconstruction, the scar is hidden where the earlobe attaches to the face. Once healed the scar is almost invisible. In rare cases, Keloids or abnormal scarring can occur on and around the ear which may require additional treatment.

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