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How to Care for Breast Augmentation Incisions: The #1 Way

Scarring is a common concern for many patients after their breast augmentation surgery. Not to worry! With an experienced surgeon and knowing how to care ...
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A woman posing with her hands on her breasts, demonstrating breast implant massage techniques.

How to Massage Your Breast Implants: The Best Breast Augmentation Massage

Why do you Need to Massage Breasts after a Breast Augmentation? Breast massaging is an important part of your breast augmentation recovery care. When breast ...
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breast augmentation price special chicago

Silicone Implants vs. Saline Implants: Choosing the Right Breast Augmentation Option

Silicone implants over saline breast implants? This is one of the most common questions that come up when deciding on a breast augmentation procedure. There ...
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How long do breast implants last? chicago breast and body

How Long Do Breast Implants Last?

Silicone Mentor® MemoryGel breast implants do not have an "expiration" date or specific time frame for replacement. However, some women may choose to have their ...
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breast implants cost chicago - Breasts To Drop After A Breast Augmentation

How Long Does It Take for Breasts To Drop After A Breast Augmentation?

After breast augmentation surgery, many patients worry that their implants may look too high and when they will "drop and fluff" into their final position. ...
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Breast Augmentation – Factors and decisions for your surgery

The decision to undergo breast augmentation and the surgeon you choose are very important, but the decisions don't stop there.   There are many other ...
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Complications and Risks of Breast Augmentation

What are the Risks of Breast Augmentation? The choice to have breast enhancement surgery is very personal and you'll have to decide if the advantages ...
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Breast augmentation terminology

Breast Augmentation Terms: Explained

Are you considering breast augmentation? This popular surgical procedure is intended to enhance the size and shape of the breasts, often to achieve a more ...
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Plastic Surgery Prices Chicago

Breast Augmentation Recovery Process

Gallery Breast Augmentation Recovery Process Recovering from your breast augmentation surgery consists of a post-surgical breast augmentation recovery period of 24 to 48 hours and ...
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What to expect during your breast augmentation consultation

Breast Augmentation: What To Expect During Your Consultation

The success and safety of your breast implant surgery depends on you being entirely honest about your medical history, concerns and aesthetic goals with your ...
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