Are lumps normal after liposuction?

Occurence of lumps after your liposuction procedure may happen. There are different types of “lumps” that can appear following your liposuction procedure. Visible lumps or irregularities could indicate fluid collection or liposuction that was improperly done. Sometimes lumps can develop during the healing process which can indicate fibrosis or normal scar maturation. Even liposuction that is done well can develop lumps temporarily since everyone heals differently.

Most lumps from liposuction will improve over time and most disappear within 6 months. If a lump persists or is bothersome or painful after a year of healing, your surgeon may need to remove it. Lumpiness and unevenness of the skin after a year may need revision or a skin removal procedure like a tummy tuck. Talk to your surgeon about the best option for your case.

Watch Dr. Truong explain how he gets smooth liposuction results.

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