Country Club Skinny BBL™ 

"He (Dr. Truong) has coined the phrase "country club BBL" - which is exactly what I wanted - a natural, athletic shaped butt that looked proportionate and accentuated my curves but kept me looking lean."

A Country Club BBL™ is similar to a “Skinny BBL” and is done on patients who have a low BMI (less than 24) with very little fat.

Similar to a Skinny Brazilian Butt Lift, a trained surgeon will harvest fat from areas of the body and strategically transfer the fat to shape and sculpt your figure for a natural and conservative appearance.

What is a Country Club BBL™?

A Country Club BBL™ is a term Dr. Truong uses to describe a more conservative BBL over the traditional "Kim K." BBL which tends to have more dramatic curves. A Country Club BBL is performed on a fit patient with little fat and flat buttocks.

The method is the same as a Skinny BBL procedure, where your surgeon removes fat from areas including the abdomen, back, flanks, arms, or inner thighs. Your surgeon carefully injects the fat back into the buttocks and hips to "sculpt" and add projection and shape to achieve a very natural-looking BBL that fits and accentuates their body's shape.

The waist is snatched, but the emphasis for the buttocks is more on the projection and less widening of the hips.

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Why Choose Dr. Breast & Body?

Voted one of America’s Top Surgeons in the field of Cosmetic Surgery by Consumer’s Research Council of America.

Dr. Truong holds three board certifications, including the American Board of Surgery, the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery, and the American Board of Facial Cosmetic Surgery.  He is also a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons and a Fellow of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery.  Dr. Truong is the founder and CEO of Chicago Breast & Body Aesthetics and is well-respected among patients and peers, and holds a long list of academic awards and professional accolades. Dr. Truong is considered one of the Top Surgeons in Illinois.

Dr Pey Yi Kevin Lin Chicago

Dr. Pey-Yi Kevin Lin is a board-certified plastic surgeon in Chicago who emphasizes tailored care and treatment to each patient.   Dr. Lin is skilled in plastic and Reconstructive surgery and completed his fellowship at the University of Texas – Health Science center at Houston. There he trained under nationally renowned aesthetic and reconstructive surgeons, gaining valuable insight and an unparalleled experience. His interest lies in body contouring procedures to help patients reach their desired body shape.

Everything You Need To Know About The Country Club BBL™ Brazilian Butt Lift Procedure

Who is a good candidate for a Country Club BBL™?

You may be a good candidate for a Country Club BBL if you:

  • You are unhappy with your buttocks and desire a conservative, natural-looking, and athletic backside.
  • You have very little fat (BMI of less than 24).
  • You have been turned down by other surgeons who do not specialize in the BBL procedure.
  • You are in good health.
  • You have realistic expectations.

For an accurate assessment of what you can achieve, contact us for a consultation.

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What is the difference between a Country Club BBL™ and a Skinny BBL?

A Country Club BBL is very similar to a Skinny BBL and is performed on a patient who has very little fat and a low BMI of 24 or less (BMI calculator here).

In general, patients getting Skinny BBL are looking to add just enough volume and projection to the buttocks to achieve a perkier, athletic and youthful, and proportional result. With a Country Club BBL, the shape of the buttocks is often more important than volume and less widening of the hips.

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How is a Country Club BBL performed?

Your surgeon will need to be very skilled at harvesting fat and may employ special techniques to harvest enough fat to achieve a good result.  In addition to aggressive liposuction, your surgeon may suggest harvesting fat from additional areas, including the inner thighs, knee area, and arms.
Once enough fat is harvested, your surgeon will carefully inject the fat back into the buttocks to add projection and shape and achieve the desired result.
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What is the recovery time?

After Skinny BBL, most patients can return to work in about seven days, with total activity and recovery occurring around 4-6 weeks. Your surgeon will give you specific post-operative instructions.

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When will I see my results & will the fat last?

As long as the fat is healthy and you follow your post-operative instructions you can expect to see your results immediately with the final result can take up to 6 months.  It's very important to avoid sitting directly on or putting pressure on the newly transferred fat for a minimum of 4 weeks in order to maximize fat take and maximize your results.

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Skinny BBL Before & After Gallery

Seeing is believing, and our before & after gallery is second to none, with thousands of surgeries, and zero serious complications, it’s no wonder our Chicago Breast & Body surgeons are among the Top Skinny BBL surgeons in Chicago.


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skinny bbl vs country club bbl

What’s the difference between a Skinny BBL and Country Club BBL™?

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