meet-dr-truong-1 - Breast Augmentation SurgeonPlanning your breast augmentation is an exciting, if daunting task. While you have many factors to consider for your ideal breast augmentation results, no single one matters as much as your choice of breast augmentation surgeon. There are a few steps you can take to make sure you find the best cosmetic surgeon to meet your needs.

1. Look at Before-and-After Photos

Before-and-after photos are one of the best ways you can determine the type of breast augmentation results your surgeon is capable of creating. Look for a breast augmentation surgeon who has helped a wide variety of patients and consistently delivered results that meet your standards. You can also read real patient reviews about your surgeon to gain a better understanding of what your augmentation experience could be like.

2. Look for Rave Reviews from Professionals in the Field

One of the best signs of a superior breast augmentation surgeon is receiving rave reviews from professionals in the field of cosmetic surgery. Nurses and technicians have the privilege of viewing a surgeon’s work firsthand, so if a breast augmentation surgeon is chosen to operate on his or her own professional staff for their cosmetic needs, it’s considered one of the highest compliments in the field.

3. Find a Surgeon Who Informs You of All Your Options

Patient education should be a priority for any surgeon dedicated to delivering the best results for each individual. During your consultation, your surgeon should inform you of all of your options concerning breast augmentation so that you can make the best decisions about moving forward. Taking the time to find a cosmetic surgeon who is committed to ensuring his or her patients’ understanding of their procedure can help ensure that you have the most positive breast augmentation experience.