Double eyelid surgery, sometimes referred to as Asian eyelid surgery, is a procedure that creates an additional upper eyelid crease in individuals with a single crease in their upper eyelids. Men and women of East Asian descent are often born with only a single crease in their upper eyelids. While double eyelid surgery is certainly not necessary for individuals with a single eyelid crease to look and feel beautiful, there are a few distinct advantages offered by the procedure.

1. Improved Scope of Vision

Not all benefits of eyelid surgery are cosmetic. Some people with a single upper eyelid crease have a very narrow field of vision as a result. Creating a second crease in the upper eyelids opens the eyelids further and can allow for improved scope of vision. This can be especially beneficial for driving and other tasks that require attentiveness to your complete surroundings.

2. Improved Facial Harmony

In most cultures across the globe, the eyes are seen as one of the most attractive features of the face. That’s why some people wear makeup that accentuates the eyes and our cartoons of human characters tend to have very large eyes. Double eyelid surgery can improve facial harmony by slightly enlarging the appearance of the eyes, creating better balance with your other features.

3. Easier Makeup Application

One of the most commonly cited reasons that women may choose to get double eyelid surgery is because the single eyelid crease can make applying makeup especially difficult. Adding a second crease to the upper eyelid expands the area of visible eyelid when the eyes are open, making makeup application easier and makeup options more varied.