Is using foam under compression garments after liposuction really necessary?

Yes! Dr. Anh-Tuan Truong recommends lipo foam during your BBL & Lipo 360 recovery to ensure smooth results and minimize liposuction irregularities that may occur. The lipo foam should be worn under your compression garment; nothing should be in between the foam and your skin.

How long should it be worn?

24/7 for 4 weeks minimum. The only time the lipo foam should be removed is when you shower but be sure to put it back on! We suggest you continue to wear the foam whenever you’re wearing your faja for up to 3 months. Some patients choose to wear it on the sides or back, however it’s not mandatory.

Correct lipo foam usage is one of the most important aspects of your post-op healing! It will give you the smooth flat stomach you desire.

Following your procedure at Chicago Breast & Body Aesthetics, our surgery center will provide them with one lipo foam to go home with. Because the lipo foams may get messy from post-operative drainage, we do suggest purchasing a few extra to have on hand.

Here is a link to purchase lipo foam HERE

Here in this video, Dr. Anh-Tuan Truong from Chicago Breast & Body explains why using lipo foam is so important.

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