It’s a brand new year and the top resolution is weight loss fix. Many are captivated by the will power of those shedding pounds and how they accomplished the goal. 100 or even 200 pounds lost has been done, but the weight loss fix goal doesn’t stop there.

Extreme weight loss also means excess skin that sags loosely. It’s unattractive and leads to a decreased self-confidence and esteem.

Brooke Birmingham’s inspired journey of weight loss fix has been featured on Today, Huffington Post and Self Magazines, but once she did, she refused put on a shirt. “4 years ago I weighed in at 310 pounds…..I decided to change my life. Been 4 1/2 years, I’m now at a comfortable 148 pounds.

I lost it by the good ol’fashion shut my mouth and get moving! What a struggle!!

But well worth it. I however could not get rid of that forsaken stomach that plagued me! I thought by running it would go away and it did a little but it was always there and it affected my life beyond words. I decided to have a full tummy tuck and researched it out for a year. In November 14,2014 I changed my life by getting it done finally.” – Brooke Birmingham

Dr. Truong sees many patients just like Brooke with the same problem. They are happy with the weight, but the overall look is not satisfactory. Tummy tucks have proven positive outcome on weight loss fix. Here’s a testimonial of the amazing work by Dr. Truong at Chicago Breast and Body Aesthetics.

Proper diet and exercise is a must, but when major pounds are lost on any type of body, exercise and muscle strength training isn’t always enough.

Dr. Truong restores expertly restores the tummy, but also renews confidence and self-esteem within patients. Are you ready to show off? Summer will be here soon enough! Book your consultation now!