Breast implants can be an excellent option for women hoping to increase the size of their breasts and enjoy a curvier perfect breast shape. However, when it comes to a perfect breast shape, how much influence can breast augmentation have? 

Natural Anatomy Affects Your Perfect Breast Shape Results 

The primary goal of breast augmentation is to provide a boost to your breast size rather than alter breast shape. Your natural anatomy will always affect your final breast augmentation outcome so it may be difficult to alter the shape of your breasts entirely.

However, if you do have concerns related to your breast shape, there are a few options you can consider.

Customizing Your Breast Augmentation

Perfect Breast Shape

Customizing your breast augmentation to meet your needs is the best way to achieve the most desirable results.

For example, round implants can increase upper pole fullness, which may help create enhanced cleavage and add more dimension to your profile, while gummy bear implants are anatomically shaped for women hoping to achieve the most natural looking results.

Additionally, the right breast implant size is different for everyone. Rather than attempting to drastically alter your figure, maintain a focus on enhancing your proportions to create the most natural looking results.

Selecting the right implant profile can also help ensure the most appealing breast shape after augmentation. Finally, if you have drooping breasts, consider including a breast lift with your augmentation for a more lifted, round bust line.

With the help of a skilled breast augmentation specialist, the right breast implants can bring out the perfect breast shape.