beautiful body in white bikini - Benefits of SmartlipoNot all pockets of fat can be slimmed down with diet and exercise alone. That’s why so many men and women turn to body contouring procedures like liposuction to help streamline their figure. However, when it comes to liposuction techniques, there are certain advantages and benefits of Smartlipo methods over others. Smartlipo™, which uses laser technology to melt fat cells prior to their removal, comes with its own set of unique benefits.

1. Greater Precision for Benefits of Smartlipo Treatment for Small Areas

The laser-assisted technology of Smartlipo™ can target fat cells in very small areas of the body that may be difficult to manually treat. For example, the ankles, thighs, chin, abdomen and arms can all be shaped with greater precision using Smartlipo™.

2. Can Be Used in Target Spots with Thinner Skin

Because Smartlipo™ is less traumatic to the skin and surrounding tissue than traditional liposuction, benefits of Smartlipo technique may be best for target spots with thin skin. The neck, jawline and cheeks are examples of areas with delicate skin that may see better results with Smartlipo™.

3. Faster Recovery Means Quicker Return to Exercise

The faster recovery of Smartlipo™ means that patients can resume their workout routine as quickly as possible. Because liposuction does not exempt you from future weight gain, maintaining your slimmer figure with exercise is the best way to ensure long-lasting benefits of Smartlipo results.

4. Can Sculpt the Lower Legs and Ankles

The lower legs and ankles are notoriously difficult areas to sculpt using traditional liposuction, because the fat in these areas tends to be superficial and the blood vessels of the lower legs can be easily harmed with manual methods. With the greater precision of Smartlipo™, patients can enjoy slimmer lower leg and ankle contours without the risk of over-contouring or harming the vascular plexus.