Brunette in tank top - New Breast ImplantsFor many breast augmentation patients, one of the most exciting things about getting breast implants is having a whole new set of wardrobe options. Your new curves will make clothing that may have looked boring on you before appear fresh and sexy. When you’re considering how to show off your new breast implants, keep these tips in mind.

1. Eliminate Anything that No Longer Fits

Many of your old clothes may no longer fit your body after your new breast implants. As sentimental as it can be to get rid of old clothes, the excitement of restocking your wardrobe with newly fitted clothes will surely make up for it.

2. Get Professionally Sized for Bras after Healing

Your final new cup size will be difficult to determine for at least a couple of months after new breast implants surgery. However, once your implants have settled and post-surgical swelling has completely subsided, make a trip to a quality lingerie store and get professionally fitted for new, supportive bras.

3. Try On a Variety of New Shirt Styles

Remember that generous curves will appear differently in shirts than smaller curves, and you’ll want to know what flatters your new breast implants best. High-necked shirts can still appear alluring and sexy, but you may prefer to show off your implants with low cut tops.

4. Know What Looks Best on Your Body

Even after breast augmentation with new breast implants, every woman will maintain her own unique body shape, and it’s important to honor what looks best on yours. You may need to have tops or dresses custom tailored to fit your new breast implants, waist and hips, while two-piece bikinis may be easier to find if sold in separates to cater to your new body proportions.