Hourglass FiguresThe iconic hourglass figures have long had a hold on us. Ample breasts complemented by a small waist and sizable hips are certainly a golden ratio in the glamour world. If Mother Nature didn’t bestow you with these natural assets, a trip to the cosmetic surgeon can help you augment your features for a more bombshell look.

1. Marilyn Monroe

Almost as soon as she burst on the scene, Monroe was turning heads and capturing hearts with her accentuated hourglass figures. With measurements of 35-22-35, the blonde siren was the epitome of va-va-voom. Since her death, there’ve been murmurs that she may have had a little help in the breast department, when breast augmentation was still in its early stages. Nowadays it’s much easier to emulate that classic stacked hourglass figures with breast implants. Liposuction around the waist can help you achieve similar sexy proportions.

2. Lynda Carter

Wonder Woman was a beauty queen before she fought crime in her star-spangled bodysuit. Her curves were as compelling as her bullet-deflecting wrist cuffs and lasso of truth, and her 34C breasts fit snugly into her body-hugging costume. Moderate-profile breast implants can give you the same effect. And if you really want to rock a bodysuit or swimsuit the Wonder Woman way but are troubled by stubborn fat on your thighs, liposuction can smooth your contours for a leaner look.

3. Christina Hendricks

She’s become a sex symbol for modern television viewers, thanks in no small part to her voluptuous breasts and her penchant for wearing cleavage-baring clothing. Some tabloids ponder whether Christina’s curves are natural or the result of breast augmentation, but what matters is how comfortable and confident Christina feels with her gorgeous hourglass figures. Large, round silicone or saline implants can help you to be a stunner just like the Mad Men star.