When many people think of breast augmentation, they imagine large, obvious implants that can stand out in a crowd but is that the proportionate breast augmentation for them. In fact, some women avoid the breast enhancement procedure because they wrongly assume that implants will look fake and over-sized. But the new trend of proportionate breast augmentation is changing how people think of breast implantation.

Bigger Isn’t Always Better

Although some women continue to opt for the big-breasted look, large breast implants aren’t for everyone. Many women are interested in increasing their breast size while staying true to the proportions of their body through proportionate breast augmentation procedure. This translates into the growing popularity of moderately-sized implants which help to balance the figure. Implants are available in a range of sizes, shapes and styles, ensuring that each woman can find the implant type that is best for her.

Good Things in Small Packages

Back in the day, the most-requested cup size for breast implants used to be D or DD. With the new trend towards a more natural look, more and more women are asking their plastic surgeons for B or small C cups. Chances are, you’ve encountered women with small, proportionate breast implants without even noticing them.

The Benefits of Subtle Enhancement

The purpose of breast augmentation isn’t simply to increase breast size. It’s about adding shape and contour to the chest for a more feminine look. Breast implants don’t need to be big to do a wonderful job in offering the fullness and curves that many women are looking for. Choosing an implant size that is proportionate to a woman’s overall physical dimensions can deliver beautiful results. For many, the subtle enhancements of proportionate breast implants are the perfect complement to their figure.