breast implants before removal copiaScientific advances are bringing new possibilities to the world of cosmetic surgery, promising a bright future breast implants opportunities. Innovative surgical techniques continue to emerge, offering women a variety of breast implant options. A look at what the future has in store for breast implants reveals promising future breast implants opportunities.

1. Micro-Implants for Future Breast Implants

Micro-implants are small, pea-sized silicone implants. The idea is to insert hundreds of these miniature implants into the breast tissue through a tiny incision to increase breast size for natural looking results. Once inside the breast, the implants bond with one another, closely resembling the look and feel of real breast tissue. Micro-implants are currently in the testing phase, with the anticipated benefits of this unique approach to breast augmentation including smaller incisions and faster recovery.

2. Stem Cell Breast Implants for Future Breast Implants

Women who want to increase breast size without implants may soon have a choice besides fat transfer breast augmentation. By removing stem cells from the stomach and injecting them into the breasts, researchers predict that breasts can grow as much as one cup size. Clinical studies are underway to refine stem cell breast implants and prepare them for the public.

3. Lightweight Silicone for Future Breast Implants

A biomedical engineer and plastic surgeon have combined efforts to develop lightweight silicone implants that weigh 30 percent less than traditional implants. This new implant is made up of tiny microspheres that are filled with air and is designed to enhance comfort. Although lightweight silicones haven’t yet received FDA approval, it may only be a matter of time until a lighter breast implant is an option for women seeking breast augmentation.

While the promising future breast implants opportunities is exciting, women who are ready to increase their breast size don’t have to wait. The current market offers a wide range of implants to help each woman achieve beautiful and promising future breast implants results.