The average mammaplasty or breast reduction surgery cost in Chicago, Illinois is between $8,000 and $13,000.

According to users who have had a breast reduction on Realself, it was 98% “Worth It” and did not regret their decision. Many patients immediately felt an improvement with certain health issues with having large breasts such as the neck, back, or shoulder pain. Additionally, many said they felt more confident in their clothes and improved their quality of life.

how much does breast reduction cost in chicago illinois
How Much Does Breast Reduction Surgery Cost? 7

What’s included in the breast reduction surgery cost?

According to 2023 figures from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons the average breast reduction cost (aesthetic patients alone) is $5,913. This average price is only a portion of the overall cost; it may not include:

The exact breast reduction cost cannot be established without consulting a cosmetic or plastic surgeon. There are several factors to consider, and each patient is unique.

If you having a breast reduction procedure, here is what goes into the total breast reduction surgery cost:

  1. Professional Fees and Surgeon Popularity: The cost is not just about the surgery; the surgeon’s expertise and reputation significantly influence the price.
  2. Anesthetic Charges: The fee for anesthesia is a separate item in the bill.
  3. Facility Costs: Expenses associated with the operating facility (OR) or hospital stay.
  4. Pre-Operative Assessment: These may include evaluations for conditions like anemia or nicotine use.
  5. Surgical Approach: The nature and complexity of the procedure, along with any additional interventions required to attain the desired outcome.
  6. Post-Operative Essentials: This includes specialized garments for recovery, prescription drugs, and extra pain management options.
  7. Geographical Influence: The cost of living in your area can affect the overall expense.
  8. Recovery Essentials: This covers items like nutrition and supplies for a comfortable convalescence at home, childcare during the recovery phase, transport to and from the surgical center, and, for out-of-town patients, accommodation costs.
How much does breast reduction surgery cost in Chicago Illinois2
How Much Does Breast Reduction Surgery Cost? 8

Other items to consider working into your total budget:

  • Food & supplies to help make you comfortable while you are in recovery at home
  • Childcare while you are in recovery
  • Transportation costs to and from your surgery center
  • Hotel stay (out of town patients)

Does Insurance cover breast reductions?

If you are wondering if insurance will cover the breast reduction surgery cost of your breast reduction surgery, check with your insurance provider on whether your plan will cover all or a portion of the cost. Depending on your specific plan, you may be asked to provide documentation and be limited on who is able to perform your procedure. Check to see if your surgeon accepts insurance.

How much does breast reduction surgery cost in Chicago Illinois3
How Much Does Breast Reduction Surgery Cost? 9

Can I finance my breast reduction?

Many practices like ours offer convenient financing options for those that wish to defer their payments and spread out the cost into monthly payments. Your total breast reduction surgery cost could be higher because interest is typically included in most finance plans such as CareCredit and Alphaeon.

Also, check to see if our practice or the practice you are considering for the procedure has any promotional offers during less “busy” periods throughout the year such as the summertime months.

how much does breast reduction cost in chicago illinois
How Much Does Breast Reduction Surgery Cost? 10

Having a breast reduction is an investment in yourself. If you’re considering the procedure, schedule a consultation with a board-certified surgeon who has done many breast reductions. If you meet with multiple surgeons with similar experience and credentials in the same area, the price range should not be that different from each other. Be very careful about very low estimates, your surgeon’s expertise, skill and surgical abilities require many years of education, training, and experience in order to be qualified to perform breast reduction surgery and give you the best results.

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