While liposuction is most often thought of as a solution for stubborn love handles or a muffin top, more and more people are turning to arm liposuction as an option to sculpt their upper arms.

Traditional tumescent lipo could certainly be effective for this purpose, but there are a few reasons to consider Smartlipo™ for upper arm contouring instead.

Why Upper Arm Liposuction?

The upper arm area is one that seems like it should be easy to tone up with a few biceps curls. In reality, the body loves to build up fat reserves in the upper arms—and once there, those fatty deposits can be very hard to get rid of.

This is particularly true for older women, as age-related hormonal changes cause the body to store additional fat in new places, including the upper arms. And, since upper arm fat is typically subcutaneous fat, neither diet nor exercise may have much of an impact.

Smartlipo™, on the other hand, can provide the perfect solution.

When Precision Matters

In order to ensure very natural-looking results, it’s essential that you choose a highly skilled surgeon with plenty of experience specifically in performing upper arm liposuction. The upper arm has some qualities that make effective liposuction challenging, like thinner skin.

It’s also important that your surgeon take a conservative approach, leaving a minimal layer of fat behind to ensure smooth contours and a gradual transition to the surrounding areas.

The extra finesse required to achieve the best outcome is one reason that using Smartlipo™ really shines for sculpting the upper arms.

Smartlipo™ combines the precision of laser-based technology with the body contouring power of traditional lipo for impressive results nearly anywhere on the face or body, but especially when used for upper arm liposuction.