Mini-Tuck May Not Be EnoughMost people these days are familiar with the tummy tuck and its “mini” equivalent as ways to restore the appearance of your abdomen.

However, although many patients opt for a abdominoplasty  results in search of less scarring and faster healing, mini tuck may not be enough always and be extensive enough to meet your appearance goals.

Mini or Full?

Much like its comprehensive counterpart, the mini tuck addresses your abdominal woes by removing excess skin and restructuring the underlying muscles for a tighter overall physique.

The primary difference between the two is the treatment area. While a full tummy tuck can improve the appearance of the entire abdominal region, mini tucks results are restricted to the lower abdomen in the area below the belly button.

This makes the mini tuck an ideal procedure for those whose concern is limited to the lower abdominal area. Unfortunately, two of the biggest issues that lead individuals to choose tummy tucks, pregnancy and significant weight loss, end to affect their entire abdomens.

It’s true that mini tucks offer several distinct advantages over the full tummy tuck, but these advantages are tied to its main weakness: you simply can’t get comprehensive contouring with a mini tummy tuck alone.

When loose skin or separated abdominal muscles (known medically as diastasis recti) are present in the upper abdomen, a mini tuck won’t help. Many women who have recently given birth may find this to be the case, making a full tummy tuck their best option.

The mini tuck is a great procedure for those with limited contouring needs, but it won’t be the right option for everyone. Discuss your appearance goals with your surgeon to see which option is best for you.