Round 2 BBL Surgery

What is a round 2 BBL?

A round 2 Brazilian Butt Lift, is when a second fat transfer procedure is performed at a later date in order to achieve a more dramatic result than was able to be achieved in the first BBL procedure. 

Usually, patients can get much more dramatic results after a 2nd stage BBL.  In some cases, Round 2 BBL’s may even cost less than the first-round Brazilian Butt Lift if it was performed at our practice.

Round 2 bbl before and after picture - Dr. Anh Tuan Truong Chicago Illinois
This patient underwent a 2nd round BBL with Dr. Anh-Tuan Truong.

How long do you have to wait to for a round 2 BBL?

Second Stage Brazilian Butt Lifts are usually done 8-12 months after the first procedure in order to allow the tissue to heal and the skin of the buttocks and hips to have enough time to stretch so they can hold more fat.

Before & After Gallery

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