beautiful brunette - Breast Implant Size - Perfect Breast Implant SizeChoosing the perfect breast implant size is a highly personal process, and there is no single answer for each patient. When preparing for your breast augmentation, it’s easy to get caught up in planning the perfect breast implant size for your goal appearance, but there are a couple of factors you shouldn’t forget to consider in picking a perfect breast implant size.

Your Surgeon

The most important factor in achieving your ideal and perfect breast implant size results is your surgeon. Take the time to choose an experienced cosmetic surgeon who specializes in breast augmentation. Your surgeon will be able to draw on his or her experience and expertise during your consultation and your procedure, helping you achieve the look you want with breast implants.

Dream Look Photos

Find photos of women with your dream look, whether they’ve achieved that perfect breast size with or without augmentation. This will not only help you gain a better understanding of the look you’re hoping to create, but also help ensure that your surgeon understands your cosmetic goals so that your needs aren’t lost in translation.

The Rice Test

Another helpful practice when planning your breast augmentation is the rice test. This involves measuring precise volumes of uncooked rice into stockings or Ziploc bags and then ‘trying them on’ under a sports bra. Rice can easily conform to your contours, making this an excellent way to get a rough idea of different breast sizes. You can wear the rice bags around the house or even out in public, and test what it looks and feels like to sport differently sized breasts.