Pregnancy, aging or fluctuations in weight can impact the abdominal area, creating a pooch or leaving behind loose, sagging skin can be eliminated through tummy tuck scar treatment.

For men and women who want to improve how their stomach looks, a tummy tuck can create a flatter, more sculpted abdomen.

It’s common for people to have reservations about the scar that accompanies a tummy tuck. Concern about scar size leads some to wonder if a mini tummy tuck would result in a smaller scar. Let’s examine the differences between the mini tummy tuck and a full tummy tuck.

What a Mini Tummy Tuck Does

Adults with a small amount of excess skin or fat protruding from the lower abdomen may benefit a mini tummy tuck, as this procedure focuses solely on the area below the belly button.

Not everyone is a candidate for a mini tummy tuck, because many people have areas of excess skin or weakened muscles that extend farther than a mini tummy tuck’s reach.

For people with diastasis recti who need muscle repair, especially women who’ve had multiple pregnancies, a mini tummy tuck probably isn’t the right choice.

A Full Tummy Tuck

Although a mini tummy tuck incision is somewhat smaller than that of a full tummy tuck, there’s not a significant difference in size between the two.

In a full tummy tuck, an incision is made from one hip to the other, just above the pubic area, and proper tummy tuck scar treatment management can help to ensure the incision fades over time.

A full tummy tuck addresses the entire abdomen, both above and below the belly button, for an overall improved contour. During the tummy tuck scar treatment procedure, the surgeon can also repair and strengthen separated abdominal muscles.

Consult with a qualified cosmetic surgeon to determine what type of tummy tuck and tummy tuck scar treatment will offer you the best results.