Breast Reduction Surgery Scar timeline

Breast reduction surgery can significantly enhance the quality of life for women who have very large breasts. The question about breast scars are often a concern for those wanting to undergo this procedure. With the right technique and surgeon, they will do their best to minimize the scarring. Here’s a quick overview showing the progression of breast reduction scars.

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Breast Reduction Scars: Timeline

before breast reduction scars

Pre-Op Photo

Here is a 39-year-old female before her breast reduction surgery. She requested the correction of ptosis (sagging) of her breasts as well as reduction in the size of her breasts.

breast reduction scars after 2 weeks

After 2 Weeks

At the two-week mark post-surgery, the initial healing phase is well underway. During this period, incisions are typically red and may be slightly raised. Swelling and bruising around the incision sites are common. It’s normal for the area to feel tender and for some discomfort. Your body is working hard to repair the surgical sites, laying down collagen and new skin cells.

breast reduction scars after 3 months

After 3 Months

By the three-months, significant healing has occurred. The redness of the scars often begins to fade to a pinkish hue. Any raised areas should start to flatten as the tissue remodels itself. It’s important to note that everyone’s healing process is unique, and while some individuals may see rapid improvement, others might experience a slower progression. Scars may still be noticeable but are usually less prominent than in the initial weeks.

breast reduction scars after 9 months

After 9 Months

At nine months post-surgery, the scars typically reach a more mature state. They are usually lighter in color, often blending more seamlessly with the surrounding skin. For many, the scars become less raised and can appear as thin, pale lines. This stage is usually indicative of the long-term appearance of the breast scars, though minor improvements can continue for up to two years post-surgery.

Breast Reduction Lift Scars
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