What Results Can You Expect from Your Breast Augmentation?

How long will my breast implants last?

This is a very common question among patients considering Breast Augmentation. When done correctly by a skilled surgeon, the outcome of your Breast Augmentation will last a long time. FDA-approved Saline and Silicone Gel implants do not have an actual expiration date, and as such don’t really “expire” once placed into your body. Theoretically, breast implants can last a lifetime. However, over time the rupture rate for implants will increase each year by about 0.5% to 1%. Implant rupture is a relatively uncommon occurrence and is usually not the reason implants get replaced. Most patients undergo replacement of implants due to elective reasons like size-preference or implant type changes due to changes in their body, weight, or preference.

It’s vital to know that after getting breast implants, results do not last forever and they could require replacement during your lifetime. You should expect to have future appointments with your cosmetic surgeon to go over changes in your breasts.

Over time, your breasts can alter due to aging, weight fluctuations, hormonal elements and gravity. If, after some extended period of time, you become dissatisfied with how your breasts look, you may want to opt to undergo a breast lift or switch out your implants to recover a more vibrant curve.

Most patients with breast implants will end up getting a revision or replacement surgery within 10 years of their original operation for the reasons stated above. Almost all patients will undergo at least one replacement over the course of a lifetime.

This implants themselves are usually not an issue. As a matter-of-fact, FDA approved companies like Mentor® will guarantee their implants against rupture or defects for a lifetime.

Continue to do what your cosmetic surgeon directs to guarantee the very best results for your augmentation, and follow up with regular check-ups, as he directs.

For more information on what results to expect from your breast augmentation procedure, please visit the Mayo Clinic Website.

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