Chicago Plastic Surgery Prices

These price ranges are provided to you as a guideline to help you plan for your cosmetic surgery at our practice. *Please note, every patient is different and these surgical prices listed below include all standard and required fees including the surgeon’s fee, OR/facility fee, anesthesia, one post surgical garment, post operative appointments up to 1 year.  Factors that may affect price changes may include your surgeon’s fee, certain forms of financing, outside costs such as the OR/facility fee or additional anesthesia time.

Your final quote is provided following your evaluation. If you would like to set up a consultation please sign up here.




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DISCLAIMERS ABOUT PRICING: Pricing for plastic surgery covers all fees including the surgeon’s fee, OR / facility fee, anesthesia fee, your first compression garment, implants (if applicable), and all follow up appointments for 1 year.

Prices are subject to change upon full evaluation by your surgeon. Your surgeon may recommend certain procedures to achieve your desired outcome.

You will receive an individualized quote following your consultation and evaluation.  Quotes are valid for up to 6 months but our practice reserves the right to update your quote if your operative plan changes as a result of requested changes, a change in your surgeon’s recommendation, changes in material costs, or changes in your physical condition.

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