Why Proprietary Cosmetic Surgery Techniques Aren’t Necessarily Better

176436440As much as we’d like them to be, cosmetic surgery procedures and results are not one-size-fits-all. Tailoring a tummy tuck procedure to an individual’s body or choosing breast implants based on appearance goals often means combining techniques and incorporating years of experience to achieve desired results. That’s why the notion of proprietary or restricted-use techniques can be arguably controversial, and it’s important to understand that surgeon-specific procedures aren’t necessarily better overall.

The Advertising Edge

In an admittedly competitive cosmetic market, it’s not uncommon to see surgeons marketing a miracle proprietary procedure in order to gain a competitive edge. More often than not, techniques that are heralded as superior are simply a combination of advertising strategy and surgeon ego.

When cosmetic surgery candidates browse the marketplace for a potential surgeon, finding similar offerings from similarly-qualified practitioners, it’s easy to see why some jump at a procedure that promises less pain, better results and less recovery time. The proprietary offer doesn’t need to be true to make a surgeon stand out and draw in customers.

The Individual Approach

Again, it can’t be stressed enough how different each cosmetic surgery case is, and it’s important for surgeons to be able to address individuals on a personal level. Surgeons can gain useful experience for procedures, such as a custom tummy tuck, through sharing techniques, discussing preferences and passing on general knowledge for best results.

Don’t be fooled by false advertising, and always voice concerns and questions during a thorough consultation before committing to a procedure. At the end of the day, letting results speak for themselves and finding a surgeon who cares is better than finding a procedure that promises benefits based on proprietary techniques.

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Dr Truong