Was Farrah Abraham Lip Injections Really The Worst Of All Time?

Farrah Abraham’s lip injection surgery did make her look cartoonish–specifically like Leela off of Futurama:

Was it the worst of all time?

We took a look around the web to see if we could find anyone else that could rival her engorged kisser. Check out the pics below and vote in the comments section on which you think is the most outrageous.

#2 Priscilla Caputo

Priscilla Caputo - farrah lips
Priscilla Caputo was an aspiring model who thought lip injection would help her carreer


farrah lips
We found her on the web using lip injection but don’t know who it is, if you know, please comment below


Which do you think is the worst? Tell us in the comment section below if you find other Farrah Lips in the web:

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