Hymenoplasty Post-Op Instructions

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Hymenoplasty Post Operative Instructions

These are some guidelines to help you during your recovery. They are not meant to be

all-inclusive and you should call the office if you have additional questions or concerns.

MEDICATION:  Do not take herbal supplements, aspirin, and aspirin containing products, ibuprofen, arthritis relief medications, or vitamin E for two weeks before or after surgery. 

You have been prescribed 3 medications:

1. Keflex (Cephalexin) – Antibiotic

2. Percocet (Oxycodone/Acetaminophen) – For Pain; as needed

3. Zofran (Ondansetron) – Anti-Nausea; as needed

Keflex: Antibiotic -Take this medication until completed (one week).

Take your first dose (1pill) when you get home. You will then take 1 pill four times a day until completed.

Percocet: As needed for pain- Take your pain medication after a small, light meal to prevent nausea.

Take one to two pills as needed for pain every 4-6 hours. 


Zofran: As needed for Nausea

You may experience nausea and/or vomiting.

Take one pill every 6-8 hours, as needed for nausea. 

You may take Extra Strength Tylenol (Acetaminophen) instead of Percocet for pain management. DO NOT TAKE TYLENOL AND PERCOCET AT THE SAME TIME. 

  • The first post op visit to the office will take place 3-5 days after your procedure.We highly recommend you call the office or have a representative call to make the appointment.
  • Bruising, even significant bruising is common around the vaginal and labial areas. It is also common for the bruising to settle into areas remote from the liposuction. This typically resolves over 1-3 weeks.
  • Swelling is very common after surgery. It usually takes several weeks to fully resolve.  If however, you have excessive swelling, one side is much larger than the other, or you have more pain on one side versus the other, these symptoms could indicate bleeding. Please call the office if any of these occur.
  • You may sponge bath or shower 24-48 hours after your procedure. You may remove the dressing and undergarments. When you take your first shower have someone nearby to help incase you feel dizzy. Using temped/Luke warm soapy water, allow it to rinse over your body, followed by patting dry the area. Avoid hot or very warm water to prevent engorgement and increase swelling of soft tissues.  We recommend washing with vaginal area with:

Microcyn Wound Cleanser which can be purchased on line at saveritemedical.com or

Oculus Microcyn Wound Cleanser healthproductsforyou.com

Apply antibiotic ointment to incision, maxi pad, and undergarment after bathing. We highly encourage using the support for 1-2 weeks after your procedure.



It is okay to change your dressings as needed to keep clean and dry. Maxi pads work well as inexpensive surgical gauze and they don’t interfere with the healing process.



Daily activity is encouraged but it should not be strenuous initially. It is important to be up and about to keep blood circulating in your legs. Lifting should be no more than 5-10 pounds for several weeks. Driving will be restricted until you no longer need narcotics for pain control and have shown to be physically capable to do so.



Return to work is variable and depends on the type of job. Approximately 1-2 weeks is when a majority of patients can return to either limited restriction or full work duties.



Avoid sexual activity for a minimum of 4 weeks. Sexual intercourse can be  painful and may delay healing, increase swelling, bruising, and pain. After your 2nd postoperative visit, it will be determined if sexual activity may resume.



Try to keep in mind that we are trying to achieve significant improvement, not perfection.  If your expectations are realistic, you are much more likely to be happy with the final result. Be patient, it may take up to 6 months to see optimal results from hymenoplasty.

For non emergency related questions ALWAYS call our office during business hours to 312.846.1529 (ex: appointment inquiry, time of upcoming appointment etc…)

For immediate emergencies 911 or go to Presence Saint Francis Hospital located on 355 Ridge Ave, Evanston, IL 60202. If you are unable to go to St.Francis, you may go to Presence Saint Joseph Hospital, located on 2900 N Lake Shore Dr, Chicago, IL 60657.

If you have urgent concerns after business hours, you may call 312.320.4655 (please note that the response may not be immediate. This phone number is not to be used for general inquiries such as appointment inquiries, time of appointment, or scheduling appointments, you should contact our office during business hours.


      • If you have a temperature over 100.4 degrees
      • Sudden and/or abnormal swelling
      • Intense pain not relieved by pain medication (minor pain and discomfort is to be expected even after taking pain medication).