3 Choices for Breast Implant Incision Placement

Breast implant placement - Breast Implant IncisionGetting breast implants is a major life event, and it’s important to understand all of your procedural options including how and where would be the Breast Implant incision. Like all surgeries, breast augmentation requires an incision that will leave a scar, but with proper care and time, the scars usually fade to a point of being hardly noticeable. However, not all breast augmentations are performed using the same incision, so it’s important to know your three options for breast implant incision placement and the advantages of each.

1. Periareolar

The periareolar incision circles the areola, the colored bit of skin surrounding the nipple. This is a popular incision choice since the location lends itself to excellent scar healing. Many women who have had breast augmentation using a periareolar incision find that their scars are barely detectable. However, if you have very small areolas, you may not be a good candidate.

2. Inframammary

The inframammary incision is placed under the natural fold beneath the breast. Many cosmetic surgeons feel that this incision is best for creating the most symmetrical breast augmentation results. Additionally, if you choose to undergo implant revision surgery in the future, your surgeon can use the same incision, preventing an additional scar.

3. Transaxillary

The transaxillary incision is made in the armpit. Some women prefer this approach to breast augmentation because it leaves the breast area scar-free. While many surgeons can create beautiful results using the transaxillary incision, this location means that if you undergo revision surgery in the future, your surgeon may need to make a separate incision to access the implants.

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