Now, there’s an FDA-approved laser treatment for stubborn Stretch Marks!

labiaplasty surgeon in Chicago IL - laser treatment

It’s exciting to be a mom, but not so exciting to endure the aftermath of stretch marks. Rapid weight loss or quick growth from puberty can cause skin to stretch too quickly and too far leaving unsightly marks as well. Some women won’t even wear a bikini and don’t enjoy shopping period. They can appear…

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3 Benefits of Vitamin C For the Skin

what does vitamin c do for the skin

Who doesn’t want to knock years off their face? Luckily, this can be achieved without having to undergo costly treatments and we recommend adding Vitamin C serum to your skincare regimen to help prevent signs of aging. Vitamin C is a potent antioxidant that neutralizes free radicals, helping offset daily aggressors like UV damage and…

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What to do after your facial treatment

what to do after your facial - facial treatment

After getting a facial, your skin becomes temporarily very sensitive to touch, light, and chemicals. Without proper care, pollution, stress, and lack of good hygiene can waste the hard-earned money you’ve spent on your facial treatment. Luckily there are simple ways you can care for your skin and prolong its glowing appearance.  Don’t touch your…

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